Reflexology – Boosting your Immune System

The summer is winding down.  Back-to-School shopping has begun.  Shortly, and a bit sadly, we will move into spending more time inside.  This also means we spend more time sharing air, touching doorknobs….etc.

This switch in environment often brings about an increase of colds & various maladies.

Lucky for all of us this can be avoided.  By boosting the body’s immune function we can avoid sharing in all this fabulous ickyness

Reflexology assists the body in reclaiming balance.  In this state the immune system becomes empowered and is able to help prevent many of the colds & such that we otherwise would easily succumb too.

Interested in using Reflexology to boost immune function?

First thing to remember…if you feel a cold coming on or wake up with a cold don’t cancel your appointment…..come in.  Call and schedule one that day!  Reflexology assists your body in handling the issue.  Reduce cold time to a day or two instead of much longer.  You do not have to suffer.

For the best results in prevention you will want to receive (2) sessions in a relatively close time-frame.  One a week for two weeks in a row or even two in one week.  Do this in August before school starts.  Repeat this again mid to late September. Of course any Reflexology is better than none so even if you can only get in once….it’s worth it!

It is with this goal in mind that the August Special arrives!
See below for pricing for you and for your family.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Be Well & Enjoy the summer season and the coming fall!

August Special
Get two sessions for one price
(combine with some Reiki if you like!)
(Yes, you can purchase more than one. No they do not expire in September, but best results are found when used close together)

BEST BET – use the appointments close to each other for added benefit.

Adults – 45 minute session = $65 for two
Teen – 30 minute session = $50 for two
Child – 20 minute session= $40 for two

Suggestion – use them in August or September for biggest immune boosting benefit!

CLICK HERE to purchase the August special and boost your immune system!

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