Reflexology Practitioner Program

Bringing an ancient healing art to a stressful modern world


Do you have a passion for helping others?

Do you feel a connection to the holistic mindset?

Do you believe that the body is capable of self-healing given the right environment?

The Reflexology Practitioner Program (RPP) is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to learn this gentle healing art and become a facilitator of wellness.

The “Reflexology Practitioner Program” by Essential Connections, LLC offers:

  • A 200-Hour Foundations course
  • An online basic introductory course for the non-professional.  (Family use) Coming April 2021

Reflexology is a holistic path to a healthy, well-functioning body. As a practicing reflexologist, you can have a positive impact on others’ health, add to your existing modalities, create your own schedule, and enjoy a meaningful part-time or full-time career.

Wondering who you can help with reflexology—and how? Click on the video to find out!


Now that you know who you can help, here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll learn.

Reflexology Practitioner Program- Foundationschrissy wkdy 2017

The Reflexology Practitioner Program (RPP) is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to learn this gentle healing art and become a facilitator of wellness.

This 200 hour semi-private reflexology practitioner program is an in-depth, in-person certification program specifically designed for someone who is interested in becoming a professional, practicing reflexologist.

In this course we will cover not only the foundations of reflexology;

  • History
  • Theory
  • Technique 
  • Anatomy & Physiology 
  • Ethics
  • Scope-of-practice 
  • And more…

We will also cover broad concepts of

  • Holistic health/healing
  • Complementary healing concepts 

And go in-depth into

  • Business.  You will learn about…
    • Creating
    • Growing
    • Running 
    • Thriving
                       as a Professional Reflexology Practitioner.

Tracy is a Nationally Board Certified Reflexology Practitioner. She has been a successful, full time practicing reflexologist for over 20 years and has been teaching for over 10.

This program gives each student a 1-1 learning environment allowing Tracy to share her vast knowledge and experience. The graduate acquires not only a new healing skill, but also deeper insights to help them create a vibrant holistic health practice of their own.

Semi-private instruction ensures individual attention.

“I just finished the 6-month weekend program this month. Greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Tracy teaches the class in a conversational style which makes it easy for learning. Also having that small classroom makes it easier. This program helped me to set up my own reflexology business and gave me the confidence to be an independent contractor! I never took a business class or ever thought I would have my own, but my life seriously changed after this! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tracy and this program. So thankful.”  –Nicole B.

After practicing reflexology for so long there are a few things I know for certain…

tracyFirst, Reflexology is an absolutely amazing health tool.  It is empowering, inspiring & healing and there is nothing else I’d rather have as a profession.

Next, Connection is part of wellness.  Not just connection to and understanding of one’s own body and functionality, but connecting with and feeling supported and encouraged by others.  

And finally, in this time when it is so hard to connect  – it is time to do just that.  Connect. Reflexology is a fantastic path to this goal.

Tracy McGovern, BA, NBCR

This course is for those who… 

  • want to practice as a professional Reflexology Practitioner
  • want to learn in a very personal & dynamic environment
  • find educational value in deep discussion & interaction
  • have a holistic mindset

The world is changing. We are all adjusting.

The Reflexology Practitioner Program prepares you to be a vital, engaged part of the solution

Students who successfully complete this course will meet the requirement to sit for the ARCB (national certification) Exam and to practice as a Professional Reflexology Practitioner. 

Dianne 2017






All courses incorporate a hands-on approach that emphasizes learning in a relaxed, enriching and enjoyable format. Here, learning is fun, empowering, and experiential!


“Truly, Reflexology is a tool of empowerment.  
Empowering the human body to seek its full potential.
Empowering people to reconnect, understand and participate
in their own healing & wellness potential.

The simplicity of Reflexology shrouds the near magical effectiveness of its function.
Reflexologists are involved in, facilitators to, the act of reconnection. 
The reclaiming of our own healing potential through awareness and action.”
–Tracy McGovern


Course Schedule & Tuition Information

Class Location
Complete Wellness Quakertown, llc
519 W Broad St.
Quakertown, PA 18951



The Reflexology Practitioner Program 

200 hour program
2 Students per class

Schedule is personalized by each class
Evening Option – 12 Months

Each Week – (1) 3-hour evening class and
Each Month – (2) 3 – 5-hour clinic (months 4-11) and
(2) 5 hour public events

Daytime Option – 6 Months
Each Week –  (2) 4-hour classes
Each Month –  (2) 5-hour clinics and
(2) 5 hour public events

Tuition is  $3595 and can be paid n full at the time of registration

Installment payments available
Yearlong Evening Program
$1000 upon registration plus
10 monthly payments of
$260 (check/cash) or
$270 (card)


$1,000 upon registration plus
13 monthly payments of
$200 (check/cash) or
$208 (card)

6-Month Daytime Program
$1495 upon registration plus
7 monthly payments
$300 (check/cash) or
$315 (card)

Certifications will be given upon successful completion of all work, hours and payments. 

No refunds are available.

What’s Next?

Contact me, Tracy McGovern via text or call 215-858-8195 or you may email me at and we will schedule your interview. 

This is a small and personal training program so we must be a good fit for each other. Please only consider enrolling if this program resonates with you completely. It is quite a commitment and worth every ounce of effort you decide to invest into it.

Once 2 students are invited to the program a schedule will be formed and class will begin.