Pickles, Patience & Meditation

If you know me you have heard me say “Everything happens for a reason”.

Funny thing is….I believe this statement.  So, I believe my garden is “happening” for a reason.

We planted “pickles” this year.  Yes, we always refer to the garden in its finished form.  We plant pickles & chipotle, Zoodles & salsa.

It is lovely.

This year there is a bumper crop of “pickles”.  Which is great, however, they come into this world as cucumber and then require a very specific process to become said pickle.
(I have to give props to my husband here.  He either has wonderful faith in me to be able to make this transition occur OR he has a terrible memory.  My last attempt at making a pickle from our cucumbers was an epic failure.  I think /hope its a little of both!)

And herein lies my lesson.

It is still a new process to me and although I LOVE the outcome, pulling essentially fresh totally homegrown produce off the shelf in February, it is a process.

So as this, the 2nd great canning project weekend, passed by I realized that all the cucumber, zucchini, pepper & tomatoes that are blessing us this season are also blessing me with the task of patience & structure.  Two traits I don’t particularly specialize in and are required in the canning process.

zuccs are gorgeousNext up…..the same lesson in repetition from our friends the Zucchini & the Tomato

I am determined to make the next canning days a meditative experience. To take patience & structure and let them morph into a moving meditation.  Gonna can some zen-energy into my goodies, yes I am!

Organization will surely be the follow up lesson as I attempt to find all this garden-grown-goodness a home in my home.

I wonder, are there many canners out there?  How is the experience for you?  Is it a new effort or a lifelong tradition?

With much gratitude for the lessons of my garden I wish you well & a happy summer!

Good Thoughts,

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