My Story

I’ve always been a mediator, drawn even from a young age to help people in one way or another. Tracy-McGovern-Essential-Connections

In college I studied psychology, and graduated to work on the front lines of mental health care.

I learned so much about people there. Not just about the children and teens I worked with, but about people in general. Especially people in stressful situations.

Which made it just a little…stressful.

After seven years I decided that, for my own mental well-being, it was time to shift gears. I still loved my job, but I balanced it now by focusing on paths that were all about Non-Stress. I studied reflexology and Reiki, and in 2001 I became a full-time practitioner of both modalities, dedicating myself to creating a stress-free space for people to connect with their ability to heal, and clear the path for their bodies to function again at their highest level.

In 2012 my own health concerns gave me the chance to strengthen my understanding of and commitment to holistic well-being. While it wasn’t an easy education, I learned so much more about auto-immune issues, nutrition, and the body.

My personal experience gifted me with a deepened sense of awe at what the human body is capable of when we give it the tools it needs to work at its highest potential, and the space it needs to flourish according to its own inner wisdom.

Today I can say I am still a mediator, using reflexology and Reiki to help people reconnect with the innate and profound power they have to impact their own health and well-being. As a practitioner, I directly facilitate this connection, empowering people to remember and reclaim their body’s inherent ability to heal. As a teacher, I seek to expand the impact, sharing with my students the knowledge and skills needed to empower others.


“Having quite literally put my tired, aching, stressed self in her hands, I know what a difference her work can make. I leave her office grounded and glowing. Tracy is dedicated to assisting people on their path to health & wellness through holistic practice, knowledge, awareness & connecting people with others, activities & places.” –Tracie N.


About Tracy

Tracy McGovern, Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist (NBCR) and founder of Essential Connections, has been in practice since 2001. Since then, Tracy has added to her knowledge of reflexology and energetic/holistic concepts with continuing education, incorporating an ever-expanding skill-set and knowledge base into her practice. She has been a Reiki Practitioner since 2002 and a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2011. Both modalities may be experienced individually or in combination.

The Essential Connections mission is:

  • To improve health through relaxation.
  • To empower people to reconnect with their body’s natural ability to heal and be well.
  • To expand awareness through discussion, classes, and workshops.

In 2002 Tracy created the curriculum and taught the Reflexology Program at the National Academy of Massage & Healing Sciences. Through Essential Connections, Tracy now offers a 150-hour Reflexology Practitioner Program (RPP) Foundations course, as well as 150 hours in advanced modules for graduates of the Foundations course seeking their 300 Hour Reflexology Certificate.

Reiki Classes Levels One through Master/Teacher are also available.


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